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Ebers is a portable, user-friendly system that enables medical testing through your cell phone. Our smart insoles collect data that is later uploaded to the cloud, allowing any authorized user to access information in a matter of seconds.

It's limitless. Take them with you anywhere and perform tests at your office, at the hospital or wherever you want.

They're so thin your patients won't even notice they're wearing them. Our smart insoles fit into any type of footwear. They help you assess how it affects your patients' feet, determine whether an orthopedic treatment is needed and "see" what's going on inside footwear.

They're suitable for everyday use. They withstand constant cleaning and fitting and can be intensively used by a great number of patients every day without getting damaged.

They allow you to assess patients in standing position and observe any potentially dangerous anomaly or asymmetry. The enhanced heat map shows important indicators, making your testing easier and faster.
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Point of maximum pressure
(%) Quadrant distribution

Assessment of straight-line walking. Tests are processed in the cloud and, within three seconds, you can obtain indicators regarding high foot pressure areas, cadence and foot strike patterns that facilitate diagnosis.

Did you ever imagine being able to assess how footwear affects people's feet and the way they walk? Or to evaluate whether an orthopedic treatment is working properly? Ebers makes it all possible you can perform before-after data comparisons in just one click.

Ebers System®

Ebers is a comprehensive solution consisting of three pairs of insoles, a mobile app and a cloud, where you can safely save and store all your testing. You just need a mobile device and a pair of insoles to perform tests at any place and at any time.

Ebers is a prevention tool that will help improve your patients' quality of life.

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    Choose the insole

    Choose the insole size that better suits your patient's foot, put the insole into the footwear and fit the transmitters on its side.

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    Perform a test®

    You can perform a test in just three clicks. Select patient and type of test, and click "Start"! Test results will be uploaded to the Ebers cloud and you'll have access to them from any device.

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    Download a PDF record®

    You'll be able to download a PDF record with all data and remarks necessary to provide better diagnosis, and also share it with your patient.

    See PDF Report
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