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Ebers System®

Ebers Insoles

Static + Dynamic test

Our intelligent insoles allow you to evaluate the footprint like never before, inside the shoe, through an application on your mobile phone

They're suitable for everyday use. They withstand constant cleaning and fitting and can be intensively used by a great number of patients every day without getting damaged.

Place the insole inside the footwear and carry out real studies of your patients

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Pudimos duplicar la cantidad de plantillas ortopédicas gracias al interés de nuestros pacientes
Marcela Romero
Podóloga universitaria, Ortopedia Pedicenter.
Es enriquecedor poder mostrarle al paciente su pisada real y que tome conciencia del mal apoyo que tiene
Mabel Carrió
Médica diabetóloga, Sociedad Argentina de Diabetes.
El sistema nos transmite tecnología, es simple de usar y nos da profesionalismo
Javier Díaz
Kinesiólogo, Director Moodment Sports.

A comprehensive solution for your patients

Digital Report in PDF
Custom orthopedic insoles (*)
(*) With the Ebers® System you can work with our proposal for digital manufacturing of personalized orthopedic insoles.

With Ebers®

An entire ecosystem on your cell phone
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